10 Most Unlucky People in the World

The whole world is abreast of events and anecdotes that might seem to you like fairytales. It is true that the whole world is more like a museum that has to showcase bizarre facts and out of the ordinary people who might just give an uncanny sensation to your very bones and a cool shiver to your spine. For, example, here is an entertaining and illuminating peep into the lives of a few people who might just be taken into the categories of the unluckiest people in the world. Let’s try and unravel the situations that actually led these persons to be categorized thus. 

Jason & Jenny

jason jenny


The story of Jason and Jenny Cairns Lawrence recount an intimidating story that relates with the heinous and dreadful attacks on the World Trade Center. The loving couples had a truly relaxing vacation set in mind but they might never have thought that they would have to experience the most dreadful terrorist attack of the century.   They happened to be present in the bombing attacks hailed in London a few years later as well.