10 Shocking and Bizarre Traditions in India

Diversity is something that comes very naturally in our mind as we come to think of India. Having been jam-packed with a volley of castes, cultural flavors, linguistic variations India does present a perfect juxtaposition of knowledge, secular profundity and at times some bizarre traditions which might not be found in any other place of the world. These traditions have literally taken strong roots in Indian soil as they have passed from one generation to the other. Some of these traditions are not merely just tradition but some unalienable part and parcel of different communities living inside this great land. The following account would throw light on some real show stopping traditions which are more than some regular events in terms of the magnitude embedded in them. These traditions are more about hearts and frenzy than heads. They might look weird and in some cases lethal.

1.Bani Festival (Kill or get Killed)

Bani Festival
Source -nobleamazingworld

This ritual which is celebrated in Andhra Pradesh is a precise culmination of infernal cruelty as it sports unbridled killing spree.  During this festival, devotees (who wield lathis or sticks) would continue to assault one another till midnight.

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