20 Wealthy Celebs Unwilling To Help Their Poor Siblings

Money either makes you or breaks you. It’s easy to earn money but to keep your values intact is difficult. There are people who earn for the family, and there are people who earn solely for themselves. When a family has a million dollar earner celebrity, it can be a relief. There are people willing to take undue advantage of their “rich” relatives, constantly asking for monetary favors. While some stand with all their effort, with little or no help.

Of course, there are numerous celebrities who have siblings struggling with various issues. The reason for not helping them varies, even though, to us it may seem heartless or genuine. The reason for people in discussion is more likely to understand what he is going through. Here’s for you 20 different such scenarios altogether. 

20. Julia Robert

Julia Roberts


Julia Roberts’ half sister, like many people, was under the influence of drugs. But, the highly famed actor did nothing to help her get out of her addiction.

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