20 Most Dangerous Animals in the World

Many a times it gets very difficult to gauge how dangerous an animal can be. Camouflaged in their size and beauty, a large number of destructive animals remain unknown to mankind. Despite their miniature size or their magnificently colored bodies, these animals can easily create havoc in the lives of their prey. Nature has its own way of playing with the minds of people and thus differentiating between beauty and destruction is may not be an easy task. As the facts suggest, a large number of the animal kingdom’s charming creatures are ranked as the most deadly killers. Read on the list of 20 Most Dangerous Animals in the World and you shall known how dangerous these critters are.

20. Deathstalker Scorpion

Deathstalker Scorpion


The Deathstalker is the most dangerous species of scorpion. The Deathstalker usually hunts at night using speed and camouflaging techniques. Sting from this breed of scorpion is unbearably painful.