20 Creepy Halloween Makeup Ideas for Girls

Halloween is the time of the year when one does not need to look all pretty and dolled up. Celebrated on October 31st worldwide, Halloween is seen to be enjoyed by toddlers, pre-teens, teens and even adults. While the young ones dress up in cute yet innovative costumes and go for their trick-or-treat hunts, the elders enjoy caking themselves up in scary looks. Some enjoy the creepy zombie look while some dress up as the undead bride. These days, Halloween is all about how creative one can get. By trying these Creepy Halloween Makeup Ideas, girls can set the festive mood right and who knows, you might grab the prize for being best dressed too. Try the evil queen look, or the creepy flesh ripped face and you are sure to send chills down the spine!

20. Bloody Zombie

Creepy Halloween Makeup Ideas for Girls 3
Source: stylerange.com