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20 Hottest Blonde Bombshells In Hollywood Ever

With sparkle in eyes and confidence in every step, there are some women who weave the magic that can be explosive. A bombshell doesn’t just refer the curvaceous looks, it is about the grace too. When it comes to Hollywood, there will never be a lack of blonde women. If confidence and grace added with some jaw-dropping looks is a term, then these hottest blonde bombshells of Hollywood should be counted. Not only for the looks, but also for the talent they possess and showcase, these women have totally earned their position in the list:

20. Amber Heard

Amber Heard


The Zombie Land actress is not someone to be missed out if it’s a list of hottest blondes of Hollywood. The 30-year-old but not so looking, Amber Heard has made a definite mark in the industry.

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