20 Greatest Unsolved Mysteries of all Time

Mysteries which remain unsolved have always courted profound attention. There are, in fact, countless facades all over the world which have been shrouded in the veil of obscurity for ages. Many futile attempts to lift the veil from these mysteries have been made. But those incidents continue to be under the wrap of obscurity and anonymity. Here is a list of top 20 mysteries that remain unsolved till date. Let’s see which one appeals to your senses the most.

20. The monument inscription of StaffordshireThe monument inscription of Staffordshire

The strange inscriptions which are found at Staffordshire have been considered utterly mysterious since time immemorial. The inscription flaunting the letters DOUOSVAVVM had been the greatest challenge for decoders since ages. Almost 250 years have passed after the creation of the monument and the meaning of the inscription is still beyond grasp.