20 Celebs Who Were Drug Peddlers in the Past

Celebrities are definitely not unaccustomed to drugs. Many stars have been victim of drugs and alcohol at least once in their lifetime. While addiction to drugs can be said to be common among many people, not just celebrities, some celebrities have a history in peddling drugs as well. Before gaining fame in their own fields and becoming rich, some celebs were involved in drug peddling to make ends meet. Some of these celebs were lucky and did their business without getting caught while some were caught by the police and ended up facing jail time as well. Here’s a list of 20 celebrities who have been drug peddlers in the past.

20. Jon Bon Jovi

Jon Bon Jovi

Before he became famous as a member one of the most popular rock band in history, Jon Bon Jovi sold marijuana to make some money in his teens.

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